The next generation of Battery Monitoring has arrived. Learn about the exciting new features The Vigilant has to offer.

The ground-breaking Vigilant Battery Management System (BMS) with Advanced Multi-Function (AMF) sensors employs several new battery parameters to predict battery condition.  Included in these critical parameters are cell Cell Condition, Battery State of Health, and Battery (at) Risk FactorThese new features are made possible by machine learning algorithms built into the Vigilant

Vigilant Battery Monitoring Video

Vigilant Battery Monitoing Spec Sheet

EXHEAT Industrial presents new range of MFH-SA Safe Area Fan Heaters.

The MFH-SA uses a safe area design which increases efficiency and provides a portable heating solution for industrial areas. In addition, it comes with a three position switch that gives the option of running the heater with or without the elements energised.

MFH-SA Spec Sheet

For Turkis Navy Kılıc class fast attack boat, Lo-Rez BR1-L vibration isolators are used for Gen-Sets and successfully commissioned. For more information about Lo-Rez vibration isolator please follow the link..

Lo-Rez Isolator