Sinrui (EN)

Weifang Sinrui Radiator Co., Ltd. (SINRUI) is one of the preferred brand for industrial radiators. The company is capable of doing custom designs, radiator replacement and manufacture complete Radiators Skid Package. Over 50,000 radiators are produced a year with SINRUI. Besides being a major supplier to the world leading generating, SINRUI is also a major force in marine, power plant,mining trucks and oil & gas field. With a fully automated plant, huge experience and a newly set up Research and Design (R&D) team, this will make SINRUI a specialist in this market and achieve more confident from user on SINRUI products quality.

Weifang Sinrui Radiator Co., Ltd. focuses on latest technology, break-through innovation, cost effective design and technical expertise from SINRUI engineering team for more compact, higher efficiency industrial radiator with lesser noise and emission pollution. In essence,

SINRUI is fully committed to enhance both it’s engineering and manufacturing capabilities to move up the value chain and become an important part of existing and new customers’ long term growth.

Generator Radiator

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Generator Radiator

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Industrial Radiator

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Marine Radiator

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Industrial Heat Exchangers

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